• Linkages Build with GLA’s & Other resource providers.

  • VDO initiative of reopening of the closed schools, development of the water well, sewerage system, link road and as well 20 Streetlights with formal commitment from local government is secured at Ghotki.

  • Reconstruction four old bridges with formal commitment from govt. is secured.

  • Vaccination of animals in Union Council’s Lohi and Bhetoor and Sustainability of Basic Health Unit at taluka Khangarh.

  • Commitments by Union Council Chairmen to ensure dialogues for the solution of issues and especially to focus on women and the peace.

  • Evident sensitization of parents for girls’ education, including quarterly Prize Distribution for

    the motivation of community girls.

  • Established 100 male and female farmer groups in 100 villages of Taluka Ghotki and Khangarh.

  • Provided 600 Seed for cotton and wheat to 100 farmer female groups.

  • Rehabilitated 500 acre land during the flood of 2010 and access to improved livelihood sources of marginalized Segments.

  • VDO build the capacity of 800 farmers male and female for land leveling, yield production, water, and seed identification.

  • Supported 20 Micro Schemes, Livelihood training and by training and effective mobilization at District Level.

  • Trained 3000 farmers male and female through the provision of sustainable Modern agriculture technology and improved their knowledge and skills.

  • Trained 100 activists on basic human rights, fundamental rights, democracy, and good governance and mobilized them for activism.

  • Provided floor machines and irrigation water facilities to poor and marginalized farmer women for access to improved livelihood.

  • Mobilized and support 200 women framers for their economic development and do advocacy for social justice.

  • Constructed 100 houses sewerage facility and improved the knowledge of communities on improved water, sanitation, and hygiene at District Level.

  • VDO provided 100 kitchen Garden Kits to 100 needy females from taluka khangarh.

  • To do advocacy and lobbying for the end of all violence and discrimination in society; and aware of women and girls regarding basic rights of women.

  • Ensured accountability and transparency and monitored 150 polling stations for caste the vote safely and informed the law enforcement agencies.

  • Provided safe drinking water to 500 families through construction of school building and BHU in a desert area of UC Lohi.

  • Supported to 100 families women-headed livelihood and provided smokeless stove in three villages of District Ghotki.

  • Provided Food and non-food items to 3000 IDPs and ensured food security during the flood 2011.

  • Established vocational and children literacy for improving the life skills and increase the knowledge to counter the trauma and depression during the emergency.

  • Establish Village organizations and Peace committees in 10 villages and enhance of Capacity of VO’s and PCs.

  • Provide skill development of 360 youth female of minorities and provide a tool kit of Garment, embroidery, and Beautician courses.

  • Provide 735 male and female youth livelihood and skill training in courses and provided tool kit of different Businesses.

  • Along with VO’s conducted 86 training workshops on Early Warning System (EWS), Capacity Building, Advocacy, and Linkages development with different stakeholders.

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